Anaplan services

We specialise in Anaplan license sales, project implementation, support, Anaplan training as well as a first-class customer care programme.

With more than 130 deep-domain technical experts across EMEA, we have delivered over 800 successful projects for 500+ customers, we have been at the forefront of connected planning technology since our inception.

We’re a company that enables businesses to connect their planning processes to make better, faster and more agile decisions and accelerate performance. We give businesses greater visibility and transparency using Anaplan.

Bedford Anaplan Consultancy Support

License sales

We work with you to genuinely understand your business strategy and objectives, operational requirements, any challenges you’re facing today in addition to considering future plans.

Our sales team has the greatest depth of Anaplan experience across Europe calling on over 10 years’ experience working with the platform across 300+ customers.

We’re experts at legal, security and technical questions and have written many RFPs and Business Cases. We’ll guide you through this process with our unique Anaplan sales checklist.


We help you every step of the way, working together on a pathway to a successful implementation, from solid foundations: scoping planning, sprint reviews and governance.

We not only guarantee a successful project implementation in a structured and controlled way but also prepare you to be fully self-sufficient for years to come, so you get even more value from Anaplan.

With our deep-domain technical expertise, we will work alongside your team to implement the system using a tried and tested agile methodology.


We offer a variety of Anaplan training options to suit all levels and roles within your organisation. From tailor-made onsite courses to our standard workshops delivered at our offices or virtually, hone your model building skillset with our expert team.

Our training programmes include The Anaplan Way, Level 1 and Level 2 – Model Building certifications, as well as Advanced Workshops such as security and housekeeping or filtering, sorting and working with timescales to enhance model builder knowledge.

As an official Anaplan global training partner for all English-speaking territories, our training team has unrivalled expertise and is considered best in class.

Professional services

We offer a wide range of options to maximise your investment in Anaplan. We can help you simplify additional processes, add new teams or regions, identify potential areas for improvement, optimise your models and share best practice.

With our CARE Programme you get access to a dedicated CARE Consultant, best practice sharing, User Clinics, Platform Health Assessment, Quarterly Success Reviews and more.

We can help you connect additional processes to your existing models to optimise your business outcomes eg. bring actuals to your finance plans with financial consolidation or integrate your full S&OP process from demand and supply planning to sales forecasting.

Anaplan Certified Employees
Anaplan Projects

We are an Anaplan Solution Advisory and Delivery Partner

With certified expertise across all eight functional and industry specialisations, we are proud to be recognised as the Anaplan Selected Delivery Partner for EMEA, implementing planning solutions across all industries.

This accreditation recognises the breadth of our expertise and experience across several areas including:

  • Managing complex planning requirements

  • Delivering exceptional customer success

  • Our thought leadership and expertise

Anaplan - Solution Advisory and Delivery Partner