Anaplan for Life Sciences & Healthcare

Anaplan is an ideal option for the health care industry, enabling collaboration across the business, improving efficiency and the impacts of decision-making, using a unified data set.

The pandemic demonstrated how competitive the healthcare and pharma sector is. Digitalisation will soon become the norm in the next few years, supporting resilient and secure supply chains as well as tech-enabled clinical trials.

Looking ahead pharmaceutical organisations will need to invest in technology to improve efficiency and streamline the supply chain to address pressures on pricing, the cost of drug development and changing business models.

Accurate forecasting with Anaplan

Improved forecasting accuracy

Anaplan helps to speed up the budgeting process and helps healthcare organisations use their data in a more strategic and organised way. Analyse trends of actuals and forecasts at any combination of specialty, test, or organisation/trust. View income or expenditure plans and actuals at a speciality level or apportion costs or overheads to specialties.

Scenario Planning Anaplan

Scenario planning

Use scenario planning to stay one step ahead, by gaining full visibility across the drivers of financial performance across all areas of the organisation or trust. Automation features help detect and manage errors, making their impacts less prevalent compared to using traditional spreadsheets and the limited financial planning they allow.

Life Sciences Healthcare Bedford Industries Anaplan
Organisational Agility

Organisational agility

For life science organisations, agility to key. You are able to plan for and anticipate changes to regulatory requirements, upcoming scientific innovations or even responses to competitor actions. Align sales and operations, with supply chain to optimise stock levels and maximise ROI.

Workforce Planning Anaplan

Workforce planning with ease

With Anaplan, you can optimise your workforce and ensure that the right skill sets are available and where they are needed most. Analyse trends of actuals and forecasts at any combination of specialty, occupational group, band or position. You can also do position level or vacancy forecasting.

Anaplan provides healthcare finance leaders with up-to-date information when faced with a challenge, helping them respond in a more informed and confident manner. Find out more about Anaplan for Life Sciences and Healthcare with our product sheet.

Common Anaplan Solutions

Workforce Planning Anaplan

Workforce planning

Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting

Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting

Supply & demand planning Anaplan

Supply & demand planning

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