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Today we introduce Iain Main who joined Bedford in 2021 and is based in Stockholm. Iain Main is a Commercial Lead working with our customers to maximise the value of the Anaplan platform, utilising his previous experience as a Finance Director and also an Anaplan Consultant.

What made you consider joining Bedford?

I have an unusual path to Bedford. I had previously been working as a Finance Director and met some people at Anaplan when I was looking at different FP&A solutions – Anaplan was the tool I wanted most! One of the Anaplan team recommended Bedford as a fantastic place to work, as he knew I had become interested in the industry and the technology, and importantly, thought I would be a great fit. From here, he introduced me to the team. I immediately got a great feeling of the positive culture at the company, which was an extremely important factor in my decision to join. From there, it became an easy decision!

What are you most proud of?

I think the mix of experience and talent in the team at Bedford is so unique for a team of our size. And to be part of a team that is supporting the transformation journeys of some of the most well-known companies around the world is very humbling. We should all be proud of what we have achieved together.

What’s your favourite part of working at Bedford?

Everybody is so welcoming. You can reach out to anyone in the team, and they are always happy to hop on a call to chat.

Describe Bedford in 3 words

Partnership. Trust. Collaboration.

What’s the company like? How would you describe the team culture?

People are always willing to help. I work in a role where I need to work with people from around the business. And I quite often need support at short notice. People are always willing to put their hand up and help, often on top of their day-to-day work. It makes a huge difference to me and makes every day that bit more enjoyable!

How would you describe a typical day?

Every day varies for me. I work with customers all around the world on a whole mix of initiatives, which means that there is always something different to focus on. I also work a lot with different partners at Anaplan around the world, as well as people around the whole of Team Bedford. I think that this variety is one of the things that makes my work at Bedford so enjoyable for me personally.

What’s the most important skill that someone will need to succeed in your role?

I think the ability to be an active listener is so important. When you are speaking to different people around a customer organisation, as well as to colleagues at Anaplan and in different teams at Bedford, you get to hear a lot of perspectives about any one situation. For me to be successful, a key component is that I truly listen to this wide range of important stakeholders, and design action plans that take everyone into account.

What is the biggest challenge that someone in this position would face?

Building on from my points above, it can take time to listen and hear of the different perspectives of everyone. Sometimes you have to be patient, as people have many different things ongoing at any one time. I always try and respect that I am asking for peoples’ time, and that different people have different priorities.

What have you learned in the last six months?

Whether it is with colleagues or with customers, being there to listen, and being prepared to support when needed is more important than ever.

Why do you stay at Bedford?

It really is a fantastic team environment. When I joined in 2021, I think we were 40 people, and I was first to be based in the Nordics. Now we are well beyond 100 and 30 or so people here in the Nordics. To me, the team dynamic has played a critical role in this growth. I look forward to seeing what happens next!

We’re hiring! For more information on our open roles visit our careers page.

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